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$179 for 1 day

$379 for 3 days

Cancelation Policy - Notice must be given 72 hours before rental time.

Gear - We DO NOT provide the required protective equipment for your ride. You are required to provide your own helmet, boots, and other protective equipment necessary. 

YZ450 FX

New to dirtbikes? Please do not rent this model. Novice or beginner riders should refrain from operating this motorcycle until they have gained sufficient experience and familiarity with off-road riding. 

The 2023 Yamaha YZ450FX is a high-performance off-road motorcycle built for conquering tough terrains. With a robust 450cc four-stroke engine, it offers impressive power and acceleration. The lightweight aluminum frame and advanced suspension ensure agility and stability.


The YZ450FX features high ground clearance and a durable skid plate for navigating obstacles. Its ergonomic design enhances rider comfort and maneuverability.


In the Rocky Mountains near Denver, the YZ450FX excels in tackling steep slopes and challenging trails. It's the ultimate off-road companion for thrilling adventures in diverse landscapes

2023 yz450fx-4.jpg
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