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How many days can I rent?

We offer standard 1 day and 3 day rentals. You can rent for longer if desired, please inquire with us to do so.

Do I have to return it full?

Yes, please return the machine with a full tank of gas. If we have to fill the tank there will be an additional cost of $40 added to your rental.

Do I need a motorcycle license?

Yes, to rent our on-road rental motorcycles you will have to provide proof of motorcycle endorsement. You do NOT need an endorsement for an off-road rental.

Are there any additional fee's?

Yes, an additional $15 will be added for insurance on your rental.

What days can I pick up my rental?

Tuesday - Saturday 

What days can I drop off my rental?

Monday - Saturday 

What time can I pick up my rental?

9am - 10am daily

What is the minimum age to rent?

The minimum age to rent is 21

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