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How many days can I rent?

On the website you can rent up to 7 days. We are happy to accommodate longer rentals but they will need to be scheduled manually. Please call us to make reservations longer than 7 days. 

Do you provide protective gear?

We DO NOT provide the required protective equipment for your ride. You are required to provide your own helmet, boots, and other protective equipment necessary. Riding gear is available for purchase at the G-Force Powersports Showroom where you will pick up and drop off your rental.

What is the policy for fuel?

When you pick up your machine it will be full of fuel. Please return the machine with a full tank of gas. If we have to fill the tank there will be an additional cost of $40 added to your rental.

Do I need a motorcycle license?

Yes, to rent our on-road rental motorcycles you will have to provide proof of motorcycle endorsement. You do NOT need an endorsement for an off-road rental.

Are there any additional fee's?

Yes, an additional $25 - $30 per day will be added for insurance on your rental. The variation depends on which machine you rent.

When can I pick up my rental?

Tuesday - Saturday from 9am - noon. If you'd like to schedule a later pickup please call us. 

When can I drop off my rental?

Monday - Saturday  from 9am - noon.

What is the minimum age to rent?

The minimum age to rent is 21

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